Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University

The Student Union of the Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University is under the supervision of the Student Quality Development Unit. It is responsible for organizing activities and providing altered assistances the faculty’s students. Structure of the Student Union includes:

1. President of the Student Union
2. Division of Executives
3. Division of Activity Affairs
4. Division of Sport Affairs
5. Division of Public Relations
6. Division of Administration
7. Division of Welfare
8. Nursing Division
9. Division of Supplies
10. Secretary
11. Treasurer
12. Division of Recreation Activities
13. Cheer Leaders
14. Chief of Administration
15. Chief of Cheers
16. Division of QA

In addition, a large number of clubs are also affiliated to the Student Union. The faculty divides these clubs into 2 types: extra-curricular club and sports club.

• The Extra-curricular club
1. Academic Club
2. FIBA Club
3. Voluntary Club
4. Universal Music Club
5. Photo Club

• Sports club
1. Basketball Club
2. Football Club
3. Badminton Club
4. Swimming Club
5. Petanque Club
6. Tennis Club
7. Volleyball Club
8. Softball Club
9. Boxing Club
10. Table-tennis Club
11. Board-game Club
12. Athletics Club

Although each club has offered plentiful activities for students such as internal sports competition, sports and games to strengthen relationships with other faculties, tutoring session for juniors, rural area development camp, and concerts, the Student Union strives to push and encourage all clubs to put voluntary activities in their list of activities.