Program overview: The program is focusing on operational management of service businesses
includes Hotel, Resort, Spa, Meeting and Convention Center, Travel Destinations, Restaurant, Aviation and others related business.

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Service Business Management is engrossed in producing qualified graduate who are well equipped with knowledge and proficient in the field of service business management. The program will enable them to analyze and synthesize knowledge to monitor or provide business solutions for an incurred problem. Our graduates must be well proficient in IT with language literacy which includes Thai, English, and Foreign language. They shall be accepted in the international level. The program strives to cultivate the innovative thinking skills to its graduated and urges them to be equipped with learning and knowledge-seeking skills. The graduates of this program shall be optimistic as well as understand and assimilate to Thai culture and multinational culture. They shall be able to apply knowledge to enhance national service businesses with moralities and ethics.


  • 3 Language (Thai –  English – Chinese)

Program type

  • 4 years bachelor’s degree

3 Major Electives

  • Health Service Management
  • Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition
  • Logistics Management

Possible occupations after graduation.

  • Entrepreneur in service business
  • Work at hotel, spa and aviation business
  • Work in logistics business
  • Work in meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition business
  • Work in academia
  • Work for government sector
  • Work for Multinational Business Corporations.

Program Structure

Program Structure

A number of credits

  • Basic courses


  • Core courses


  • Major courses/Elective courses


  • Free elective courses


  • Total credits


Course Descriptions
of Chinese Courses

  • 704141 : Fundamental Service Communication

Course Descriptions: Principles of active listening comprehension. Introductory listening skill development. Principles of speaking for fundamental service communication. Developing speaking skill for fundamental service communication. Principles of effective writing in foreign language for fundamental service communication. Developing writing skill for fundamental service communication. Principles of active reading comprehension. Introductory reading skill development

  • 704241 : Intermediate Service Communication

Course Descriptions: Reading and listening to service business news. Communication for business performance. Speaking in business occasions. Business report presentation. Writing for business communication.

  • 704341: Business Communication Skill in Foreign Country*

Course Descriptions: Foreign language communication in service business management, including foreign language speaking and pronunciation. Listening conversation dialogs in foreign language. Listening from medias in foreign language. Report writing in foreign language. Writing for corresponding in foreign language. Reading in media in foreign language. Reading for analysis in foreign language.

  • 704344 : Business Communication for Service Business

Course Descriptions: Principles of writing business letters, business correspondence with customers, writing intra-organizational letters, writing effective business announcement and etiquette in business correspondence. 

  • 704342 : Practical Service Communication

Course Descriptions: Business project with the international organization in which students are interested. Applying foreign language communication skills and academic knowledge that they have learned to the real world business.

Core Courses

001101 : Fundamental English 1
001102 : Fundamental English 2
001201 : Critical Reading And Effective writing
001228 : English for Business and Economics
001281 : English Language and Cultures
009103 : Information Literacy and Information  
176101 :  Introduction to Law
701182 : Fundamental Accounting for Business
701284 : Managerial Accounting for Service Business
702211 : Business Finance 1
703103 : Introduction to Entrepreneurship and 
703202 : Principles of Management and Organization
703204 : Business Ethics
703322 : Communication for Business Results
703331 : Human Resource Management
703352 : Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 
704101 : Body and Mind for Service Business Profession
704201 : Operations Management in Service Business
704344 : Business Communication for Service Business 
704345 : Communication in Service Business 1
704192 : Business Site Visit in Service Business
704342 : Practical Service Communication
704346 : Communication in Service Business 2
703308 : Business Organizational Behavior
704399 : Professional Training in Service Business
704441 : Intercultural Business Communication
704499 : Seminar in Service Business Management
705211 : Principle of Marketing
705447 : Hospitality Service Marketing
706101 : Learning Through Activities 1
706102 : Learning Through Activities 2

703462 : Cross Cultural Management*

Course Descriptions: Concepts and theories of culture. The impact of culture on the business environment. Differences in cultures. Concepts and theories of cross cultural management. Cross cultural communication. Cultural sensitivity. Problems and solutions to overcome culture shock. Ethics in management of different cultures. Guidelines for cross cultural management and case studies in cross cultural communication.
704497 : Special Problem  in Service Business Management*
Course Descriptions: Selected topics in of service business management including the topics which would benefit students.

Major Electives (Students choose 1 track and one of the major electives will be taken overseas.)
1. Health Service Management


 (Introduction to Health Service Organization Management)*


Course Descriptions: The health service organization and its environment. Types of health service organization. Law related to health service organization. Marketing and promotion for health service organization. Health service organization management. Financial management and information needs for health service organization. Human resources management for health service organization. The process of controlling and managing quality standard for health service organization. The ethical foundations for health services organization owners. Case study of health services organization management.


 (Spa Management)


 (Wellness Tourism Management )

2. Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition


 (Introduction to Event Industry)


 (Meeting and Convention Planning and Management)*


Course Descriptions: Roles and qualification of meeting planners. Types and characteristics of clients who host conventions and meeting. Different types of meetings and conventions. A sequence of meeting planning: setting objectives, site selection, negotiation, program design, budgeting, contracts, registration, on – site logistics and post – event evaluation.


 (Special Event and Festival Management)


(Business Exhibition and Trade Fair)

3. Logistics Management


(Strategic Supply Chain Management)*


Course Descriptions: The concept of strategic supply chain management. Inventory management. Risk pooling. Managing demand variability in the supply chain. Logistics network design. Supply chain integration. Distribution strategies. Strategic alliances. Procurement and outsourcing strategies. International logistics and risk management. Designing products and production processes that corresponds to supply chain management. Current issues in supply chain management.  


(Transportations Management for Service Business)*


Course Descriptions: Introduction to transportations management.  Passenger transportation.  Cargo transportation.  Mode and cost of transportation Route planning. Weight planning and vehicles. Chartering.  International transportation. Law and regulations regarding transportation.


Transportation Management in Service Business


Specific Studies in Service Business Management