Mission Statement
    We commit to produce both socially conscious students and
close-to-practice knowledge as well as
to provide ethical guidance and managerial excellence for business and community
  We exist to create and deliver the following values:
  1. Graduates with social conscience
  2. Close-to-practice knowledge
  3. Ethical guidance
  4. Managerial excellence
  [To achieve the Mission and create values] Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University must be
  1. Co-creator of knowledge with other arts and sciences; aiming at promoting ecosystem for new ventures, developing management insights, and finding solutions to social problems.
  2. Catalysts for Innovation in collaboration with entrepreneurs and relevant organizations; aiming at voicing the need of users to innovators, as well as being prime examples of management innovation through internal continuous improvement.
  3. Hubs of Lifelong Learning by transforming from “teaching house” to “learning laboratory”; aiming at improving intellectual foundation of learners, developing teaching and counseling skills of faculty, and being excellence in competency assessment. 
  4. Enablers of Sustainable Prosperity through active social engagement; aiming beyond wealth creation to better access to basic needs, healthier environment, stronger community, higher work meaningfulness and greater life fulfillment.
  5. Leaders of Leadership; aiming at enabling businesses and society to better understand leadership, developing and disseminating new knowledge about leadership framed around ethics and operational effectiveness.