The focal points of the Doctor of Philosophy program in Business Administration are based on constructing knowledge as obtained from advanced theories of business administrations, researching, and producing new bodies of knowledge. Since the design of the program relies on a student-centered approach, recent advanced theories on business administrations are selected for the students to review and discuss. The program will strengthen students’ ability in their search for knowledge gaps found from those selected theories. This will lead to a set of research questions that increase value of the existing knowledge-base or even contribute to constructing new useful bodies of knowledge to business management. A group of knowledgeable and long-experienced teaching staff with expertise in the multiple fields of business administration, such as the departments of Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing of Faculty of Business Administration, are assigned to supervise and provide academic guidance to the students. Furthermore, the program strives to produce qualified academic human resource and create world-class quality academic works; both of which are considered as the essential components to improving the quality of human resource in Business Administration disciplines for the country.   

Learning Outcomes

The program is able to produce graduates who:

  1. Relies on virtue and morality in academic and professional ethics for Business Administration.
  2. Have comprehension on advanced theories of specific field of expertise and able to classify development of knowledge and knowledge gaps.
  3. Are proficient in conducting advanced quality research to gain values of the existing bodies of knowledge or create new body of knowledge in Business Administration field.
  4. Are able to lead changes; integrate and disseminate knowledge obtained from the program to the public; be the intellectual supporter who provides advice and guidance on business management to organization and society; and develop themselves and the business profession.
  5. Are able to use technologies, information technologies, and media appropriately.


The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration is a 3-year program and students shall not exceed 5 academic years.

Plan 1.1
(Thesis only)
For degree completion, a student must earn a minimum of 48 total credits throughout the program all of which counts towards the Dissertation
Plan 2.1
(Coursework & Thesis)
For degree completion, a student must earn a minimum of 60 total credits throughout the program: 36 credits for Dissertation and 24 credits for coursework.  

Academic Calendar

Semester 1:          June – October
Semester 2:          November- March

Numbers of Admitted Students

Plan 1.1 (Thesis Only) : 2 students
Plan B (Coursework & Thesis) : 5 students

Tuition fee

750,000 Bath in total throughout the program.

Admission Schedule

The call for application and application submission will start from December and end in April of every academic year.

Admission Criteria

Plan 1.1 and 2.1: The eligible applicants must:

1. Have a master’s degree in business administration or any related field and earn a minimum grade point average in the master’s degree of 3.25.
2. Have certificate of English language proficiency and GMAT with the following details:

  • For applicants of the Accounting, Management and Marketing tracks, candidates must have:
CMU-TEGSwith the minimum score of 65 or
IELTS   with the minimum score of 5.5 or
TOEFL (Paper-Based)with the minimum score of 523 or
TOEFL (ITP)   with the minimum score of 523 or
TOEFL (Computer-Based)  with the minimum score of 193 or
TOEFL (Internet-Based)with the minimum score of 69 or
GMAT score (if have), as additional reference.
  • For applicants of the Finance track, candidates must have:

3. Submit a thesis proposal with a maximum length of 1,000 words (in English).
4. Submit statements on career goal and objectives of study with a maximum length of 500 words (in English).
5. Have result from the interview.

CMU-TEGSwith the minimum score of 80 or
IELTS   with the minimum score of 5.5 or
TOEFL (Paper-Based)with the minimum score of 550 or
TOEFL (ITP)   with the minimum score of 550 or
TOEFL (Computer-Based)  with the minimum score of 213 or
TOEFL (Internet-Based)with the minimum score of 79 or
GMAT score (if have), as additional reference.