Modern finance is recognized as an essential discipline to build up and strengthen financial capacity of individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable development and wealth at a macro-level in the future. In light of this fact and the university’s core strategy under the 12th Phase of Education Development Plan (B.E. 2560-2564) of Chiang Mai University, the Master of Science in Finance program strives to produce qualified finance-oriented graduates with the equivalent standard of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).  Students in this program will receive solid training on financial professional practices and self-development. They will be enabled to apply and create new knowledge or innovation for financial problem-solving amidst the revolution of financial technology and the rapid changing economic environment. The program highly expects the students to perform their job within the frames of professional ethics, social responsibility, and accountability.

Learning outcome

The program is able to produce graduates who:

  1. Comprehend financial theory to meet with the standards of CFA (Certificated Financial Analyst), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), and FRM (Financial Risk Manager).
  2. Are able to analyze problems applicable for national and international financial problem-solving.
  3. Are able to use quantitative research methods and Information Technology as the tools for effective decision making.
  4. Have productive communication skills, especially speaking and writing skills.
  5. Have virtue and ethics along with an awareness of being part of society and get involved in solving social problems.


The Master of Science in Finance program is a 2-year graduate program. The period of study is divided into 4 semesters and students shall not exceed 5 academic years.

Plan A (Thesis)For degree completion, a student must earn a minimum of 43 total credits throughout the program: 12 credits for Thesis and at least 31 credits for coursework. Thesis Support Scholarship is available for the students in this plan.
Plan B (Independent Study)For degree completion, a student must earn a minimum of 43 total credits throughout the program: 6 credits for Independent Study and at least 37 credits for coursework. Coursework must consist of 11 required courses of the specific track and 4 elective courses in the field of finance.

Academic Calendar

Semester 1:    June – October
Semester 2:    November- March

Numbers of Admitted Students

Plan 2 (Thesis): 5 students
Plan 3 (Independent study): 50 students

Tuition fee

200,000 Baht in total throughout the program.

Admission Schedule

The call for application and application submission will start from December and end in April of every academic year.

 Admission Criteria

Eligible applicants must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline from any higher education institute as accredited by the Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education.
  • Earn a GPA in the bachelor’s degree of at least 2.00.
  • Hold Thai nationality or other nationalities and have the ability to study in courses conducted in the Thai language. 
  • Meet all qualifications and conditions as prescribed in the Announcement of the Department of Finance and Banking.
  • Have results of written examinations (Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, and English Language).
  • Have an interview result.
  • Express academic interest and commitment in the statement of intention.

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