The Master of Business Administration Program for Executives (Ex-M.B.A.) strives to produce graduates who are well equipped with scientific knowledge of business administration, essential skills for business management, creativity, and entrepreneurship skills to cope with rapid changes in economic circumstance, pressure, and risk. The graduates of this program will become a knowledgeable and ethical oriented person with strong awareness on socio-environmental sustainability.

In academic approach, the program intends to build up academic strength, both in the width and depth dimensions. The program has been developed in respect to the rapid changing situations of the modern world. Student’s practical skills and knowledge of scientific theories will be enhanced in response to the diverse demands of employers.  The program intends to produce graduates who are well equipped with ethics and socio-environmental awareness to become successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. The pedagogies selected to apply with this program include practical and theoretical trainings on an action-learning basis.

Learning outcome

The program is able to produce the graduates who:

  1. Have competence in business administration in the width and depth dimensions and can provide business guidance to the certain business.
  2. Have professional ethical social accountability.
  3. Are able to conduct problem analysis: situation and data analysis, make decision to solve business problems systematically and effectively, and apply appropriate technologies in business management.
  4. Have creativity, spirit, and skills of entrepreneurship to be integrated in business management at the international level.


The Master of Business Administration program for Executives is a 2-year program. The period of study is divided into 4 semesters and students shall not exceed 4 academic years.

Plan B (Independent Study) For degree completion, a student must earn a minimum of 43 total credits throughout the program: 6 credits for Independent Study and at least 37 credits for coursework.  The coursework must consist of 6 core courses, 10 required courses of the specific track and 2 elective courses.

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Academic Calendar

Semester 1:    June – October
Semester 2:    November- March

Numbers of Admitted Students

Plan 3 (Independent study):  55 students

Tuition fee

220,000 Baht in total throughout the program.

Admission Schedule

The call for application and application submission will start from December and end in April of every academic year.

Admission Criteria

Eligible applicants must:

  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree
    • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline from any higher education institute as accredited by the Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
    • Have a certificate of English language proficiency that meets with the requirement of the Graduate School of Chiang Mai University.
    • Hold Thai nationality or other nationalities and have the ability to study in courses conducted in the Thai language.
    • Meet all required qualifications as defined by the Faculty of Business Administration.
  • Have result of written examination on following subject:
    • General knowledge of Business Administration.
  • Have result of the interview.