In order to enhance efficiency of workflows, create pleasant atmosphere of workspace, and improve quality of working life for members of the Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University, the 7S practice is agreed to be performed with the determined policy, vision, missions, objectives and goals as follows.

7S Policy
Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University endeavors to promote the organizational and social participatory developments among its members by using the 7S practice as a tool to improve and develop efficiency and effectiveness of workflows, sustain quality of works, minimize time waste, and use resources effectively with constant supervision and improvement. The 7S practice shall be forced as the organizational culture.

The 7S practice of the Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University includes:
S1 : Sort (Seiri) for organizing both physical and workflow system to eliminate the wastes and redundancy.
S2 : Set-in-order (Seito) for improving working efficiency under orderliness and continued improvement.
S3 : Shine (Seisou) for keeping materials and equipment inspected, discovering defect and repairing it.
S4 : Standardize (Seiketsu) for maintaining the standard of performance to achieve the quality of work and reduce performance variation.
S5 : Self-discipline and Training (Shitsuke) for encouraging everyone to drive for self-discipline with good attitude towards 7S practice as well as to pay respect and follow the determined working standard everywhere at all times.
S6 : (Save the Earth : Sekai) : for conserving the environment and saving energy.
S7 : (Socialize : Shakai) : for being the best management practice as well as disseminating the 7S practice to wider public.

7S Vision
Every member of the faculty applies the 7S practice pleasingly to gain their working efficiency and grant the happiness to the society.

7S Missions
1. Cultivating social awareness through the 7S practice
2. Establishing participatory system among the faculty’s members in all levels to better their performance and achieve working efficiency.
3. Promoting teamwork through group activities to develop workflow system.
4. Conserving the environment, saving energy and bettering landscape of the Faculty of Business Administration.
5. Disseminating the knowledge of 7S practice to public, especially at the targeted communities or areas, in order to improve the landscape to be clean, shady and applicable.

7S Objectives
1. To strengthen self-disciplines among the faculty’s members for self and organization’s benefits.
2. To create the standard of working efficiency.
3. To promote pleasant working environment for the organization and the society.

7S Goals
By the year 2016,
1. All faculty’s members must be trained and participate in 7S activities;
2. The mean score of 7S knowledge test of the entire faculty’s members must be exceed 80%
3. The working standard must be found in all faculty’s agents and areas;
4. In each quarter, at least 1 suggestion for the 7S Kaisen practice shall be raised in each area;
5. All areas must earn the assessment score at 80% or more from the audit committees;
6. The faculty must be awarded Thailand 5S Award from the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan).

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