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“We commit to produce both socially conscious students and close-to-practice knowledge
as well as to provide ethical guidance and managerial excellence for business and community”

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The program strives to produce world-class lecturers and researchers in the field of Business Administration and the graduates who can initiate new bodies of knowledge. Pedagogy of this program mainly relies on the student-centered approach. The interest of each student will be carefully observed right after when he/she enters to the program. If the student is interested in the change of any business administration tracks: management, marketing, finance, or finance and if that change can challenge the modern business administration, the program will assign the faculty member who shares the same interest and have specific expertise in that certain track to be his/her academic advisor. To work with the advisor, the student will be provided academic guidance and valuable advice on modern and proper methodologies to identify the current problems and forecast the future situation. From the first day of study, the students will be encouraged to have research-oriented way of thinking to shorten their time to complete the degree. The program will urge them to put their effort on finding dissertation topic as soon as possible under the supervision and advice from the teaching team. The team will assist the students to find the gap of existing research and develop it to research questions for their new projects. In addition, the program requires its students to study advanced theories related to business administration dimensions with the aim to enable them to get to know new variables that may bring benefits to their research.

Master of Business Administration for Executives program focuses on producing professional entrepreneurs and executives who would like to develop their knowledge and skills in the business sector. This program is ideally suited for executives and students who wish to excel in entrepreneurship within today’s ever-changing business world. The teaching emphasizes on integrated management, and practical learning. Additionally, students are able to study from several successful business individuals and academic dignitaries. This program is committed to produce Master of Business Administration graduates with initiative, spirit, and skills of entrepreneurs in the aspect of integrated management. The graduates also possess an understanding of problem analysis which allows them to cope with business challenges systematically. The graduates of this program are individuals with morality, have full awareness of social responsibility, and acquire knowledge in both theory and practice. The program is open for application to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in any field. The applicants must be entrepreneurs or executives with at least 5 years of experience and 25 years of age.
Bodies of knowledge on business administration has evolved in many aspects respect to the drastic changes of business environment including the multinational context of doing business, the new trading platform shifting towards e-trading, the arriving of big data era, and pandemics such as COVID-19. The way to run a business has changed and needs to be adapted to be more agile and immune from such changes and revolution.

The Master of Business Administration Program suites for those who are new for businesses and government organizations and need to improve essential skills for business management career. The program also fits with those who starts to seek for self-improvement to become the new generation of business entrepreneurs with capacity and ability to adjust themselves to the changes in the modern world.  The program will encourage the students to pay high concentration on integrated management skills and be able to find solutions for local and global businesses. The program, in addition, arranges extra activities to create learning result and includes many venues for learning through experiences of the successful businessmen giving the opportunity for the students to learn from the real and current professionals.

The lately revised Master of Business Administration Program strives to produce the graduates who are well equipped with knowledge and skills of business administration and entrepreneurships. The students are also intended to have the competency on IT and IT agility and be able use the information to make optimal solution for a business. The Program also aims at training the students to be next generation business people with moralities, ethics, and social conscience along with strong academic knowledge, IT agility and mastery of business communication skills to be able to cope with the rapid and unexpected changes of business environment and be successful professionals.


A good accountant must have a good knowledge in accounting concepts and standards. He or she also has to understand business and its internal and external factors affecting its operation in order to be able to apply appropriate accounting concepts to business under different situations. Especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment, accountants have to adapt themselves to keep up with such change and accounting standards. In addition, they must have effective communication skills together with reporting and analytical skills so that they can produce useful accounting information to all users. Therefore, the program does not equip students with only accounting knowledge, but also other related knowledge through case studies and experienced guest lecturers. The program also enhances critical thinking, presentation and team work skills to students.

The Master of Business Administration program in Marketing (M.B.A in Marketing) provide students with integrated scientific knowledge of business administration and marketing. Students will be equipped with extensive knowledge on the fundamental of business administration, precise and deep comprehension of marketing principles, and analytical thinking skill in preparation for being a professional marketer and/or marketing analyst. The program will enable students to be able to build marketing strategies to gain brand value and increase competitive capacity for the business. Students will receive solid training enabling them to produce suitable marketing plans for certain business environments and characteristics. In addition, the enhancement of student’s meeting facilitation, presentation and business negotiation skills is also in the program’s focus. In light of having experienced marketing professors from universities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and successful marketers at the regional and national level to serve as the program teaching staff, the students will be given the best chance to step closer into the advancement of marketing related careers. The graduates of this program must be able to perform marketing jobs efficiently with ethics in adequate abilities and perspective of the marketing professionals.

Modern finance is recognized as an essential discipline to build up and strengthen financial capacity of individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable development and wealth at a macro-level in the future. In light of this fact and the university’s core strategy under the 12th Phase of Education Development Plan (B.E. 2560-2564) of Chiang Mai University, the Master of Science in Finance program strives to produce qualified finance-oriented graduates with the equivalent standard of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Students in this program will receive solid training on financial professional practices and self-development. They will be enabled to apply and create new knowledge or innovation for financial problem-solving amidst the revolution of financial technology and the rapid changing economic environment. The program highly expects the students to perform their job within the frames of professional ethics, social responsibility, and accountability.

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