Master of Business Administration Program

  Name of the Program
Thai : หลักสูตรบริหารธุรกิจมหาบัณฑิต
English : Master of Business Administration Program
  Name of the Degree
Thai : บริหารธุรกิจมหาบัณฑิต: บธ.ม.
English : Master of Business AdministrationM.B.A.
This program is designed to serve those who have started working in business organizations and seek for self-development on business administration skills as well as those who have started exploring the right path to push themselves forward to the new generation of entrepreneur with full management potentials and capacities in coping with all changes in the world of business. The program strives to enable students to understand and make use of integrated business management concepts. It also uses multiple methods to encourage learning of business solutions through case studies of global leading companies as well as learning of business administration from successful businessmen and academic scholars.
In response to the swift changes on commerce and business operations, the body of knowledge in business administration has been developed to be in line with business context of globalization. All bodies of knowledge taught in this program shall promote the morality and ethics in business administrations to solve out the existing economic crises as rooted from deficiency of moralities among administrators.
The revised Master of Business Administration program strives to equip the students with solid knowledge and skills on business administration and strengthen their entrepreneurships to cope with rapid changes of economic circumstances.  The graduates of our program must be full of moralities, ethics, knowledge and academic competency.
In an academic approach, the program endeavors to strengthen academic contents both in widening and deepening dimensions.  The program is amended to respond to the rapid changes of environment, strengthen theoretical and practical knowledge, and serve the various needs of the learners. In addition, ethical and moral principles of business administrator shall be emphasized in all courses.
The program aims to produce the graduates with the following qualifications: 1. Have creative thinking with integrated business entrepreneurship spirit and skill; 2. Understand business problem analysis  and business problem solving process systematically; 3. Have morality with professional and social responsibilities; 4. Comprehend in business administration and be the business resource person for regional businesses; 5. Posse all potentials of local businessmen who can lead businesses to the competitive global market sustainably.
  Prospective Professions after Graduation
– Administrator and Planner in multinational corporation and large-medium-and small companies
– Employee in government sector and academic institution.
– Business owner
  Program Characteristics
The Master of Business Administration program is the 2-year graduate program, of which period of study is divided into 4 semesters and shall not exceed 4 academic years.
Plan A (Thesis): The total credits for the whole program are defined at a minimum of 43 credits: 12 credits of Thesis and 31 credits (at a minimum) of coursework. Thesis scholarship is available for students in this plan.
Plan B (Independent Study): The total credits for the whole program are defined at a minimum of 43 credits: 6 credits for Independent Study and 37 credits (at a minimum) for coursework.  The coursework must consist of 6 core courses, 10 required courses in concentration field and 2 elective courses.
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