Master of Accountancy

  Name of the Program
Thai : หลักสูตรบัญชีมหาบัณฑิต
English : Master of Accountancy Program
  Name of the Degree
Thai : ปริญญาบัญชีมหาบัณฑิต: บช.ม.
English : Master of Accountancy: M.Acc.
Master of Accountancy program strives to push the students to be proficient in all areas of Accountancy and be ready to step into the position of Accountancy and Finance Executive. It intends to increase Accountancy potentials to its learners and prepare them for being promoted to executive positions in both government and private organizations. The program is also committed to enabling them to think creatively and make use of Accountancy database together with new innovation for the ultimate benefits of a certain organization.  In the meanwhile, our students shall be trained to lead their organization to be ready for and able to cope with recent competitions, especially among AEC member countries and all the countries, effectively.  The program offers the great chance to our students to learn from rich experiences of professors, scholars, accountants, and auditors whose expertise is widely accepted in an international level.
Recently, the Accountancy standards and all related bodies of knowledge in Accountancy professions have been amended in correspondence with complexities of global business operation. Accountants with bachelor’s degree are thus urged to pursue higher Accountancy education. In response to the need of better understanding on today’s Accountancy, Master of Accountancy program plants its learners with some new and practical bodies of Accountancy knowledge and enable them to apply these knowledge for the utmost benefits of their organization as well as for their career advancement in Accountancy field.
The program aims to equip the graduates with:
  1. Advanced Accountancy knowledge and proficiency, especially in analyzing and providing solutions for Accountancy problems;
  2. Capability to improve Accountancy works responsibly with competence in all areas of business management;
  3. Morality and ethics for Accountancy professions;
  4. Professional advancement and capacity to be promoted to executive positions in a certain organization.
  Prospective Professions after Graduation
  • Accountancy
  • Auditing
  • Administrative Accountancy
  • Tax Accountancy
  • Accountancy system designing
  • Education and Accountancy technology
  • Internal auditing
  • Accountancy and finance consulting
  •   Program Characteristics
    Master of Accountancy program is the 2-year graduate program. The period of study is divided into 4 semesters and shall not exceed 4 academic years.
    Plan A (Thesis):
    The total credits for the whole program are defined at a minimum of 39 credits: 12 credits of Thesis and 27 credits of coursework. The coursework credits must consist of 24 credits (at a minimum) of required courses and 3 credits (at a minimum) for elective courses.
    Plan B (Independent Study):
    The total credits for the whole program are defined at a minimum of 39 credits: 3 credits of Independent Study and 36 credits of coursework. The coursework credits must consist of 27 credits (at a minimum) of required courses and 9 credits (at a minimum) of elective courses.

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