Wealth Creation by the MBA Program, Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University
In the world of business, “ignorance” can be the only thing that is more costly than intelligence. A businessman knows that to have lower knowledge, just a small single level, than competitors can multiply the cost he has to bear. Benefits of studying the MBA does not limit to gaining business literacy to learners as there is no fixed formula to create wealth. Today knowledge can be inapplicable or become ignorance in the future. Thus, the program that just keeps the learners updated on business concepts or keep business knowledge of the learners extended is surely insufficient to secure sustainability of one’s wealth. Due to the above fact, the Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University, therefore, gives precedence to boosting our AccBA learners with thinking process and developing all involved characters that can guarantee potentials of the learners in creating wealth to country, organization, and self with accountability. According to the fact that every successful businessman starts their first step of success with the right questions and the right answers that are fit well in a certain circumstance, our learners, therefore, must be equipped with the skill of asking the right questions too. Our program, in addition, strives to practice the learners to “work smarter” rather than “work harder” and “do it right the first time” for the greater success. Above all this, we realize that the wealth creation cannot be stable without morality. Thus, the most basic character that must be firmly constructed among our graduates is the accountability to all involved shareholders.