Name of the Program
Thai :  หลักสูตรบัญชีบัณฑิต
English : Bachelor of Accountancy Program
  Name of the Degree
Thai :  บัญชีบัณฑิต (บช .. )
English : Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc.)

In response to the need of society, this degree program strives to create qualified accountants who are fully equipped with academic body of knowledge, proficiency, morality and ethics in accounting professions for the utmost national benefits.

  • To create the graduates who are well equipped with knowledge and proficiency in accounting professions as being accepted in the international level in response to the needs of businesses and technology revolutions.
  • To produce the accounting graduates with preferable qualifications of the qualified graduate.
  • To prepare the accounting graduates to be ready for stepping into career path right after their graduation.
  Total Credits of the Program

The total credits for the whole program are defined at a minimum of 141 credits.

  Program Characteristics
  • The program is designed to be the 4-year undergraduate program.
  • Students are required to select the preferable track of special expertise at the end of semester 2 in the 1st academic year and start to study in the specific track in semester 1 of the 2nd academic year.
  Prospective Professions after Graduation (Relevant to the Fields of Study)

The graduates of this program are eligible for accounting professions, according to the Account Act B.E.2543 and Accounting Professions Act B.E.2547, as well as other related professions. They are eligible for independent professions and qualified to work in a wide range of accounting fields in organizations or government and private sectors as follows.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Auditing
  • Administrative accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Accounting system designing
  • Education and accounting technologies
  • Internal auditing
  • Accounting and finance consulting
  • Any other related lines of profession.

The Bachelor of Accountancy program of Chiang Mai University is engrossed in producing the graduates for accounting and auditing professions.