Application Schedule
Examination Schedule

To be announced by the Registration Office

  Selection Criteria
  • Academic records in Bachelor’s degree
  • Result of written examinations (Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance and English language)
  • Interview result
  • Academic interest and commitment
  Curriculum Operation

The Master of Business Administration Program is available in both Plan A and Plan B. All plans are the 2-year graduate program, of which period of study is divided into 4 semesters and shall not exceed 4 academic years. The program is conducted mainly in Thai language by tenure lecturers of the Department of Finance and Banking, Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University together with local and international leading guest lecturers.

  Numbers of Students Expected to be Admitted

Plan A (Thesis) : 5 students
Plan B (Independent study) : 50 students

  Tuition Fee

200,000 Baht for the whole program

  Qualifications and Supportive Application Documents
Student Qualifications
MPlan A Type A2 and Plan B

  • All applicants who have a bachelor degree or equivalent in any discipline, as accredited by the Ministry of University Affair.
  • All applicants who earn the grade point average in bachelor degree of at least 2.00.
  • Applicants must hold Thai nationality or other nationalities and be able to study in courses conducted in Thai language.
  • Other qualifications and conditions as prescribed in the Announcement of the Department of Finance and Banking.
  M.B.A program (Plan B)
  Supportive Application Documents

Supportive application documents shall be listed in accordance with the Announcement of the Graduate School.

  Schedule for the Registration of New Students

Schedule for the registration of new students shall be defined in accordance with the Announcement of the Graduate School.