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“We commit to produce both socially conscious students and close-to-practice knowledge
as well as to provide ethical guidance and managerial excellence for business and community”

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Core courses of the program are specially designed for experienced executives in particular with the aim to enforce them to become the leading businessman. The core content must decisively include the practice strategic planning. Additionally, according to the concern on the transfer of modern management technology, the following courses shall be listed as our core subjects: development of executive leaderships, innovation management, learning organization, supply chain management, accounting for executives, financial management, business economics for decision making, and marketing management, for example. “In order to acquire business knowledge, although the students do not have direct experience in a certain business case, they can learn from renowned guest speakers and resource persons who are invited to share their extensive business experiences with the class. Learning from other’s experiences by observing and listening them to get idea on how a man can achieve the business success or what brings failure to a business is the best way of ‘work smart’ style. According this learning style, the students are enabled to pick and apply some interesting ideas in production, finance, management and modern marketing aspects that may bring the better benefits to their business.” cr. MBA Magazine
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“Business study is a branch in social-science, we teach our students to be autodidacts and life-long learners. According to 21st Century Learning Skills, the model of future education, tools for knowledge acquisition will be introduced to the students. Thesis or independent study is also considered as the crucial part that enables the students to use appropriate tools to solve research questions. They are encouraged to have consulting sessions with advisor to propose their solution plans and work with the advisor to obtain the optimal answer. The students, moreover, must learn and develop their skills on communication, leadership, change-agent with recognition on changes and challenges of the modern world, and information era. Also, they must comprehend about the cultural and language diversities as well as seek and grab opportunities to ensure that they can eventually deal with profitable and sustainable businesses under the global context, of which numerous troubles are thoroughly interfered” cr. MBA Magazine
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A good accountant must have a good knowledge in accounting concepts and standards. He or she also has to understand business and its internal and external factors affecting its operation in order to be able to apply appropriate accounting concepts to business under different situations. Especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment, accountants have to adapt themselves to keep up with such change and accounting standards. In addition, they must have effective communication skills together with reporting and analytical skills so that they can produce useful accounting information to all users.

Therefore, the program does not equip students with only accounting knowledge, but also other related knowledge through case studies and experienced guest lecturers. The program also enhances critical thinking, presentation and team work skills to students.

“The students must try to experiment it themselves. They should be encouraged to share creative ideas with others to widen their ways of thoughts. By this practice, they will be surely familiar with creating and expressing ideas and looking forward to the differences." Our curriculum is an integration of marketing and other business related-concepts. We strive to increase student’s marketing analytical skill to enable them to create effective marketing strategies for diverse industries. It is believed that with the solid training on marketing theories and concepts and the activities that push the students to think creatively, the graduates of our program must be very well constructed with knowledge and skills. They will be ready to step forward to becoming marketing professionals, who can overcome the competitors with the ability to create the better brand value and maintain business advantages over other competitors sustainably. cr. MBA Magazine
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